My name is Mike Zastre and I'm in love with the visual — photography, graphic design, typography, printing (both darkroom and inkjet) plus many of the visual arts. Now framedepth† has become my place to think publicly about the visual. If you would like my help with one of your projects involving some aspect of what you see in this site, then feel free to give me a shout.

My day job is teaching computer science at a major Canadian university. Long (long!) before that I was using Aldus PageMaker on a Mac Plus and the first LaserWriter (which would be around 1986) to produce programmes and small items for a copy shop down the street from my employer in Prince George, British Columbia. In the mid 1990s I began developing websites for clients, and have been astonished at the way this angular medium has blossomed into something that can support the rich and imaginative ideas of today's visual artists and designers.

When I'm not teaching or typing into a computer, you'll find me (a) hanging out at home with my wife and two young boys, or (b) camera in hand around the streets of Victoria, British Columbia or working in the darkroom at Luz Studios, or perhaps even (c) singing tenor in small ensembles and large. I'm proud to have been a founding member of Hexaphone and urge you take in their adventurous performances involving works for six singers.

(† No, I do not use HTML frames!!)

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